Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This is for you ...


Feel creative? Want to design your own products? This is the place to be!

This is how it works:. You design your ideal product, we will produce it for you! As simple as that.

To make sure we can actually deliver on this promise, we set up a small procedure:

1. You submit your design by mail to: poweredbyyou@gmail.com - subject = "design"
Make sure to include a project NAME, a detailed DESCRIPTION and some PICTURES (drawings, foto's, video, whatever). Obviously we also need your name, e-mail adress and any personal information you may want to share.

2. We put your design on the site and ask for endorsements
Anyone who would be willing to buy this product can simply send a mail to poweredbyyou@gmail.com - subject = "project name". Next, we will invite this person to comment 'live' on the site, especially stating how much they would be willing to pay for the item you designed.

3. You or someone who likes your design can promote your design by submitting promotion material at: poweredbyyou@gmail.com - subject = "promo - project name"
- Home-made commercials
- Promotional e-mailings
- Copy for adword banners
- Etc.
We will track the clicks generated by any material that is submitted and if your product moves into production phase, the clicks will be converted in credits with which you can buy products.

4. Once we reach 100 interrested buyers, we will have your design estimated for production cost. If the average price offered by the potential buyers makes this project economically viable, we will launch a first sample-production batch. These will be offered to the interrested buyers.

5. Buyer feedback will allow us to finetune the product and confirm it's commercial viability. The next step is full scale production.

Your benefit: Free samples and models and a cut in the profits your product generates!